You can reduce your carbon emissions to Zero right now!

The time has now come to go for it !

Cut your monthly energy cost down to 50% with a simple self consumption instalation.

It will pay for it self in less than 5 years.


Use solar energy for ALL energy outputs in your property !

1. No need to worry about electricity bills any more.No need to worry about using your heating or air conditioning ! You can have it running with no electricity cost at all.

2.Pool pump consuming lots of power? Just leave all that behind! Get a heating system for your pool. Run it all for free! Swim in 30 degrees heat, in the additional comforting knowledge that your co2 emissions are also zero!

3. Do you think you need to buy new energy efficient equipment even though your current equipment is still in good working order? Such purchases are not necessary. See why below!  Don't go for more new electric equipments just use your existing equipment because you do not have to think about saving energy any more.

4. Solar energy -so freely available in this sunny country -can be harnessed using zero carbon emissions, dramatically cutting your domestic running costs. You can thus live more cheaply and efficiently AND contribute towards caring for your planet .

5. So you feel guilty driving into and around town because of polluting the atmosphere with your vehicle emissions ? Why not go for an electric vehicle and charge it up with your own electricity.

Feel free to contact us for a chat about how you go about creating a home environment which is 100% carbon neutral / energy efficient / co2 free.

We can also clarify for you the legal and installation details so you are fully informed about these issues.

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Use your own Solar Power Plant for your mobility !

With the design of a solar energy power plant in your property you will be independent of any other fossil fuels.

The grid inverter system allows the possibility of generating solar energy for ALL your devices.

During the night you can use the conventional grid if needed, if your energy needs are higher than normal.

The Tesla power wall concept for of grid solutions is available right now but its still not competitive with the electricity provision off a normal electricity contract because the tesla system is still very expensive. Anyhow it is possible to go off grid right now!

In our show Property which has 425m2 of living space we managed to cut the electricity bill down to 0%.

In April 2022 this property got of Grid with a powerfull 3 fase 400 Volts SMA. of grid system. All the energy is generatet from Solar Panels during the day. A set of powerfull litium ion bateries guarantee the constant supply of  power during the night time.

There is no more need for expensive and vurnerable grid systems.

We are also proud of the fact that our vehicles are since 2018 fully electric and have zero negative impact on the environment .